Zara sweater and ankle boots, Style Nanda skirt

This weekend I went around Bethnal Green, it is not too far from where I live but somehow I never go there. The area is known for all the Indian tailors, proper Chinese restaurants (you know the kind where only Chinese go so you can be certain THIS is the real deal) and E.Pellicci an authentic Italian cafe-restaurant. My friend told me this is the place where the Italian mafia hangs out, obviously I believed him! (gullible much?) I was so excited that I absolutely wanted to wear my black beanie hat to add to my street cred 🙂 Unfortunately the place was closed and ended up in a pub next door. People were looking at me as if I was from another planet, “What on earth is she wearing?”

I guess next time I’ll just wear my jeans!


2 thoughts on “DROP THE VEIL

  1. Love your free, eclectic style yet so elegant. It is not so much the price of what one wears, but how you wear it. One has to have inner elegance… guess it comes from Mom or Dad or both first, then the rest is future (not history, smile).

    • Hey thank you so much for your comment, such a compliment! I totally agree with you regarding the price, but since I can’t afford very expensive designer clothes, I guess I have to do with what I have!! Ha! my mum has actually had a big influence on my style even though my whole family thought my dress sense was bad when I was young ha ha ha

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