shoreditch fashion blogshoreditch fashion blog

military jacket, mint frill dress stetament baroque necklace skull clutch round tortoise sunglasses

skull clutch miltary jacket frill dress

statement baroque necklace

open back mint frill dress round tortoise sunglasses vintage butterfly heels

round tortoise sunglasses

round sunglasses frill open bck dress

vintage butterfly heels


open back mint frill dress statement necklace round tortoise sunglasses

military jacket frill dress vintage butterfly heels round tortoise sunglasses

shoreditch chicken

Wearing: Military jacket (vintage), Dress (tailor-made), Butterfly Heels (vintage), Skull Clutch Max C, Necklace and Sunglasses (Bangkok Market stall)

Back to London and my beloved graffiti! Swapped the Tuk-Tuks for the tube and sightseeing for the office. It has been a hectic week as I had to catch up with the workload, go through thousands of emails and get my body clock back to normal.

Whilst scanning my closet to find something to wear, I found this dress never worn before as I was saving it for a “special occasion”. So far it never came. Then it hit me, how often do you have a special moment to wear a special dress? Unless you are a socialite, a celebrity or all your friends are getting married, my guess is not that much. Also by the time an occasion arises you have probably bought a new dress which you will wear and the previous one will stay where it has been all along: in the back of your wardrobe, untouched.

In a bid to break that pattern (and justify the amount of clothes I have) I thought I will wear this dress. Why not? It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining, it is a good reason to celebrate and finally wear these vintage butterfly heels! I must admit, I put a sweater on top for the office which has been deemed “semi-corporate” by one of my colleague, that’s good enough for me after having been politely told off for wearing those ripped jeans on my last day. OK, I did push a little lot on this one…

So come on, go through your wardrobe, pick up your beautiful dresses and wear them with a casual jacket or flat shoes in case you want to take it down a notch. You deserve to feel like a princess!



  1. I like this article, you really nailed down most women’s predicament when it comes to choosing something to wear in the morning. You ‘re right let’s make each day a “special occasion” to wear all these beautiful dresses we have left untouched in our wardrobe. Well done!!

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