Dongdaemun Seoul Korea


Dongdaemun market

AM PM Dongdaemun

asos frill skirt kenzo tiger sweater

Korean barbecue

Korean barbecue

yogane chicken galbi

metallic shoes

Kenzo Tiger sweater

Korean at a glance Making out in Korean


Wearing: Kenzo Tiger Sweater, Asos Skirt, Zara Necklace, Brown Bagger Clutch, Metallic Trainers (Korea)

I am completely lost. Although most street signs are written in English, Seoul is not particularly tourist friendly. Don’t get me wrong, I did not expect Koreans to speak English (they shouldn’t have to) and tourists that don’t make efforts to speak the lingo abroad make my blood boil.

However learning Korean in a short amount of time is like performing brain surgery with your eyes closed and one arm, impossible unless you are a ninja… But good news I got a new best friend called “Korean at a glance” a phrasebook and dictionary all wrapped in one! I hesitated between this one and “Making out in Korean” but then I thought the former would be more useful ha ha! This was a necessity as Google Translate on the phone was starting to give up on me.

The jet lag is still kicking as my body clock is still on London time, and if some of you have stumbled upon my Twitter or Instagram you would have witnessed that I had to go to Mac Donald at 3 am the other day. I know I could have done better but that was the only place opened I could find at this time.

Went to Dongdaemun again, it’s the only place I have been so far since it’s close to my hotel and I am starting to know my way around it. Nothing much going there as on Mondays most places are shut. There is a street called Mukja Golmok, which can be translated to “Let’s Eat Alley” which is filled of Korean restaurants. Got to discover the “Barbecue”, which consist of a grill on your table and you get to cook the food yourself whilst wearing an apron. The Yogane marinated Chicken Galbi I ordered was lovely albeit spicy so be careful!

It is about time I discover what this town has to offer, so I am putting my “TOURIST” cap on and Seoul City Tour Bus here I come!

By the way I can now say Hello, Goodbye and Thank you in Korean!

Annyeonghi gaseyo!*





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