chanel earrings, zara black dressseat close up cabin walk bag last

Today I am jetting off to Korea for a very exciting project which I’ll talk about very soon! It was quite hard focusing at work as all I could think about was H-O-L-I-D-A-Y-S. And with this beautiful weather, you would rather be outside drinking Pimms than staring at five screens all day.

The change of scenery will definitely do me some good. I have been feeling a little bit uninspired, after doing the same things, going to the same places over and over. It actually shows on this post but I loved the outfit so much that I wanted to publish it anyway. I am crazy about these vintage Chanel earrings (thanks to La Maman) and the metallic pieces on the dress, it made me feel like Robocop who could conquer the world or at least finish my to-do list on time so I could go home and pack.

Ah wait there’s more, my OOTD* straight from the airport! How devoted!


Remember when I said I’ll try to see how far I can go with my style in the office? . Not sure if people were horrified or impressed with it. One sure thing the shoes caused quite a stir as if I was wearing the craziest thing in the world. Hello they have been on everybody’s feet for more than a year now!

Boarding now, wishing you a great weekend and I’ll keep you updated promise!

*Outfit Of The Day – I had to look it up on Google


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