denim overallsFlowers and Denim overalls, what’s not to like?

primark denim overalls, clutch

bcbg tribal bracelet, primark pastel clutch

BCBG Max Azria tribal bracelet and necklace, Banana Republic drop earrings

Ankle strap peep toe heels

primark denim overallWearing: Primark denim Overalls and Clutch, Maje Blouse, BCBG Max Azria tribal Necklace and Bracelet, Banana Republic Earrings (similar), Ebay Heels, Rings from India

It has been a while! I had quite a busy week with work and my mum is currently in London to visit (yay!) so Friday I decided to take the day off to spend some time with her. My alarm woke me up at 6 am as I forgot to switch it off and with that beautiful sun, I couldn’t go back to sleep. I thought I should be a good girl and got some Insanity workout done, this stuff is literally IN-SA-NE. I have been dragging a bird nest instead of hair all week and after pleading, begging and using a little bit of emotional blackmail I managed to score a last minute appointment. After it was time to fix my “Cara’s brow” as I was starting to look like Frida Kahlo’s lost twin sister, then getting a Mani-Pedi! A bit of lunch with la Maman and shopping (OK this is not too bad). At the end of the day I felt more tired than if I was sitting on my desk all day.

Funny how you get so busy with work that you have to you use your time off to do all the stuff you didn’t have time to instead of relaxing. Maybe it’s a lack of organisation? Possible. But what I know for sure is that I need some holidays. Wait, what? I am off next Friday for 2 weeks?

Well THAT is a good news. Happy Sunday everyone!

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