Blossom titre

Mixing flowers, leather and plastic – the perfect combination for an office and off duty look




Wearing: Tara Jarmon jacket, Zara leather shorts, top, bag and sunglasses bought in Thailand, Ebay transparent heels

After months of waiting, wishing and thinking of resorting to magic, the Sun is finally OUT!

All of a sudden everyone is in a good mood, your boss “let” you leave the office early, as he is probably going to the pub at 3, and even the usual grumpy man from the tube is cracking a smile.

You are full of energy and you accept all the invitations for drinks, barbecue et al. when generally you want to go home straight after a long day and watch Made in Chelsea on TV. But now it is different you HAVE to go out because you never know how long it will last, so you admit defeat, seat on the grass with a glass of bubbly and pray that your beautiful white dress won’t get stained…

PS: The jacket was mandatory due to the freezing conditions in the office, I mean what’s up with putting temperatures below zero with the Air con?

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